Masterplan, Renovation and New Entry Construction
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This project involved an urban parish that wanted to transform their worship space from its original, traditional floor plan to one that brought the community together in a more contemporary manner. The new arrangement organizes antiphonal seating around the main axis. The design of the space emphasizes religious life in community by arranging key symbols along this straight-line axis:

• font…initiation into community
• ambo…liturgy of the word
• altar…liturgy of the eucharist

Seating is arranged around this axis. Individual chairs were selected instead of benches to offer greater flexibility.

The worship space is entered through a gathering space that has been added to what was once the exterior front facade of the original church. This gathering area serves as a place for socializing before and after liturgies. A kitchen and serving area open onto the gathering space. This renovation project was Phase Two of a Master Plan developed by this team in 1995.