Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pillsbury Hall is the second oldest building on the campus. Pillsbury Hall’s rehabilitation will focus on renovating the interior of the 1889 L.S. Buffington designed historic building while preserving the exterior fabric of the building.

While Pillsbury Hall is no longer adaptable to modern science research or teaching, as it has been used during its life, it is an excellent opportunity to recapture the life and spirit of one of the University’s most enduring architectural structures.

Pillsbury Hall will be renovated to house the Department of English and also to support Humanities – and where possible, the University as a whole, with classrooms and community collegial space. A detailed space program has been developed and is a recommendation for space based on quantitative and qualitative information gathered throughout the study. The definitive space program has allowed the design team to study and test fit Pillsbury Hall for feasibility and conclude that there is a fully supportive match between program and building.