LOWERTOWN MASTER PLAN    St. Paul, Minnesota

Involved as both a volunteer and under contract with agencies such as the Lowertown Redevelopment Authority and the City of Saint Paul, RRTL Architects has been an active partner in the planning and development of the Lowertown area of Saint Paul.  RRTL’s office has been located in this area of the city for over 20 years.

Working with the Lowertown Redevelopment Authority, RRTL has studied riverfront planning for housing, commercial use and entertainment has produced several variations on a common theme to add density and vitality to the Mississippi shoreline.

A series of alley studies with the city of Saint Paul created new ideas for the reuse and safety of the back spaces of the area. Guidelines were established for lighting, materials and circulation.

In addition to planning services for the area, RRTL has completed building renovation projects for the Union Depot, American Beauty Building, Jax Building, and United States Postal Service.