College of Science and Engineering – COSE
Master Plan
St. Cloud, Minnesota

This master plan establishes the long range plan for the College of Science and Engineering at SCSU. One of the primary goals for this masterplanning project is to plan for provision of a new comprehensive science ‘quadrant’ on campus within 15 – 20 years. This four block area of the south end of the SCSU campus is the science precinct. A new Integrated Science & Engineering Laboratory Facility containing 102,000 sq. ft. of new space for the sciences was recommended.

The College consists of multiple departments that are distributed throughout four buildings on the existing campus. The project included the assessment of the existing spaces, programming for long term curriculum goals, and planning for multiple phases of facility construction over the next few decades. Work sessions were conducted with the faculty and staff to review deficiencies in existing spaces.

The master plan process allowed us to determine the need for new facilities and programs as well as upgrading existing buildings. The planning recommends moving some functions to the new facility which makes space available for renovation and rearrangement of existing teaching and research functions. Each floor of the five science buildings was planned for renovation of spaces based on the long term needs. The plan included the development of cost estimates for multiple phases of work with escalation for future phases of projects.