Vincent Court Student Housing
Collegeville, Minnesota

This student housing project for Saint John’s University consists of 9 separate duplex units. Each unit has a living and dining space on the ground level with a central stair that serves the two levels.  The upper two levels each contain three bedrooms and a shared bathroom.  The simple wood framed structures were designed to be an efficient housing alternative for the campus.  The design was modeled on simple Shaker style housing.  This housing complex is located on the north edge of campus and is generally used by seniors.  The concept for the unit design is to provide a more apartment or home-like environment for the older students.  The kitchen is a complete kitchen which allows the students to have the option of taking a reduced meal plan on campus and doing more of their own meal preparation.

These duplex type units are scheduled for summer event programs and three residents would share on bathroom. The interior space of this complex, shown below, is a quiet landscaped space.