St. Paul, Minnesota

Built on a long narrow 2.5 acre lot, the linear floor plan is organized by a layer of circulation along each side of the house with the functional spaces between. The central space for the house is the living and dining area and other spaces are separated yet generously open between the circulation areas and with viewing connections through a series of wood grills. The empty nest house separates the master bedroom area while allowing grandchildren and guests a private area at the opposite, entry end, on the upper level over the kitchen, laundry area, and the garage. A wrap around deck creates a strong connection to the exterior and extends the living space. The house is a simple box like form with parts added to support natural light and supporting functions. The steeply pitched roof extends to a full 5 foot overhang providing shading and a distinctive profile.

The house is set on a platform created by a retaining wall that articulates the sloping site and leaves the bulk of the site in its natural state.