ST. CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITY – Integrated Science Engineering Laboratory Facility (ISELF)

St. Cloud, Minnesota

RRTL collaborated with St. Cloud State University (SCSU) and the College of Science and Engineering (COSE) to design a master plan for the COSE in 2006.  After completing two other projects in the master plan RRTL began the design of the ISELF facility in 2008.  This $ 45 M project was funded by State Bonding Funds and is the flagship of the MnSCU science facilities.  The ISELF facility is a 102,000 square foot building which is predominantly science laboratories.  The facility does contain some classroom, offices and conference rooms.  The structure is a four story facility with the optics and other vibration sensitive spaces located in the basement level.  The primary entry to the facility is through a three story atrium that provides a clear sense of wayfinding to the programs in the building.

One of the unique concepts in this design it to provide highly flexible laboratory spaces that we have called “universal labs”.  This design has moveable “H-Frames” and lab counters with mostly mobile lab casework.  The utilities (infrastructure) such as water, DI water, gas, vacuum and electrical/data is provided by overhead service carriers so the lab casework can be easily and quickly re-assembled into a different configurations.  The premier lab in the building is the Bioscience Lab on the third floor which consists of 15,000 square feet of lab in one room.  The prep spaces are a floating core in the center of this universal lab.

Lab spaces in this facility include spaces on the basement level which include Optics, Motion Analysis Lab, IMCC Lab, Thermal Science Lab, Robotics Lab, Control Systems Lab and a Clean room.  The first floor contains the Senior Engineering Lab and Classroom/Conferences spaces.  The second floor contains the four bioscience labs for Hematology, Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry and Blood Bank Lab.  The second floor also contains the Radiation Lab, Digital Simulation Lab, Multi-Purpose Research Lab and Electronics Lab.  The third floor houses the large bioscience Universal Lab and the Vivarium.