New Addition and Renovation
St. Paul, Minnesota

Nativity is a very successful K-12 program within the St. Paul/Minneapolis Archdiocese. This was a major expansion and remodeling project to update aging facilities and provide a contemporary learning environment. Site orientation and circulation shifted to accommodate neighborhood use patterns that have evolved over time, and solve access and delivery challenges. The main entry moved to the opposite side of the site, creating a spine along which the new media center, offices, and the secondary (original) entry occur.

This 2007 project blends an original 1923 structure with a major 1960 addition, using all new windows and a compatible brick blend as unifying elements. The building utilizes energy savings measure such as occupancy sensors, and an energy management system. This was a complete renovation of 110,000 SF with three separate additions totaling 46,000 SF. It is fully accessible with the addition of an elevator and multiple interior ramps, and a site plan that respects the neighbors and enhances student security and safety. The project was implemented with minimal disruption to school scheduling and function.

The project develops around separation of kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students. It incorporates sophisticated, dedicated science rooms, and separate arts studios. A state-of-the-art media and technology center with monumental skylight located off the new two story entry is the new focal point of the school.