Saint Paul, Minnesota

This project consisted of the introduction of new circulation, fire stairs and gymnasium on the site that contained the original school and a 1960’s addition. The new circulation and fire stairs are expressed in the blue glazed brick ‘spine’ that connects the old building to the 1960’s addition and the new gymnasium. The existing building had three distinct architectural styles from three different periods of construction. The new gymnasium repeats some of the masonry detailing of the original school and the new circulation ‘weaves’ a new expression of the blue element onto the site.

This renovated elementary school accommodates K-6 grade levels and provides a complete and comprehensive curriculum for the students. The interior spaces of circulation are visually connected by creating two story volumes of space that bring daylight into these service corridors. The original facades of the building are exposed in these spaces. The result is the expression of building facades on a village street.

The creative use of color, space and form creates fun and vibrancy, which translates into a more stimulating learning environment.