Coon Rapids, Minnesota

With the increasing demand for fitness and health facilities to offer today’s students and athletes, ARCC built an addition and major modification to the athletic facilities on campus.  The addition accommodates 36,000 SF of new construction that has been carefully wrapped around the existing facility.  This concept allowed the existing facility to remain completely operable during the construction of the new facility.  With completion of the new, 14,000 SF of the existing locker and gym areas was reorganized and renovated.  In total, the 63,000 SF facility is a state of the art athletic and recreational complex focused on health and life long wellness.

The project features 3 new courts for basketball adding to the 2 existing courts.  An indoor walking track, complete new weight and cardio exercise areas, new athletic department offices are all part of the completed new project.  The exterior massing carefully steps to integrate old and new parts of the campus, minimizing the scale of the new field house proportions.